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RS485 and Radio Network Products

  • No-cost keyboard customisation

  • Magnetic swipecard, Barcode swipecard, Barcode scanner or RFID card for operator log-on etc

  • 4 Machine monitoring inputs with integral counting and cycle time measurement

  • Panel-mount, wall-mount, and desk-top configurations

  • Radio or RS485 network

  • Bi-directional file transfer


These compact keypad terminals with backlit display and sealed, configurable keyboard, and are engineered for machine monitoring, data collection and general operator interfacing applications in the industrial environment. 

The 4 line x 20 character display supports direct cursor positioning, cursor on/off and an extended character set. Additionally, the Graphic Tool can create up to 8 user-configurable characters.

There are 2 ports, one used for the network connection and the other available for connecting an external device using RS232 communications. Typically this port connects a swipe reader or scanner, but bi-directional file transfer is supported (with flow control) enabling printers and DNC program transfer applications to be implemented.

 The IO option adds 2 relay outputs and 4 opto-isolated digital inputs. Each input  can count up to 250 cycles/second and measure cycle time down to 4 mS. The status of each input channel can br requested by the host system or sent automatically when the input changes state.

The wired network (product codes commencing EL) uses robust, opto-isolated, RS485 signalling with a Mulidrop System Unit (MSU) handling all the polling, error checking and communication timing. The MSU connects between the host (RS232) and the RS485 network. Up to 63 terminals can be connected.

The radio network (product codes commencing RL)  has a range of 50m to 100m radius in the factory environment which can be extended by using repeaters or additional channels (up to 10 separate channels, each controlling up to 63 terminals). An RSU connects to the host via a standard RS232 comport, and to the radio transceiver (RadioHead) using RS422 signal levels. With a maximum cable distance of 1 Km, the RadioHead can to be sited for opimum coverage. At the host end the messaging protocol is identical to the wired version, the 2 networks being interchangable to allow upgrading, and wired and radio networks to co-exist.

The ELX and RLX are panel-mount products which are also suitable for wall-mounting when fitted to the WMX housing. ELD and RLD versions are intended for desk-top usage. The Node products are used for IO only, having no display or keyboard and are normally fitted inside the machine. All these products operate from a DC power supply between 10v and 30v which can be supplied locally from the machine or from an unregulated mains adaptor

A variety of tools are supplied for configuring and testing the terminals and networks. Quck-start kits, when ordered with the customer's choice of terminal, deliver a working system "out of the box". The kits include the User Guide, cables, power supply, configuration and test tools, and program examples.

Customised Front Panel

The keypad terminals are available with customised front panel at no extra cost (when specified at the time of ordering). Graphic templates can be downloaded from this site and configured directly by the customer in full colour. By adding a logo, changing the key legends, key colours, background colour etc, the look of the product is transformed to the customer's requirements.

Our Digital Print Technology outputs directly from the graphic design to polyester keyboard membrane using non-fade permanent inks and reverse printing for scratch resistance and durability.

How to order a custom front panel.

1. Click on the Graphic Templates button at the bottom of this page to download and save the templates file.
2. Run CorelDraw and load in the template appropriate to the product version (example ELD for the desk-top model).
3. Make the changes and save the file, then email it to us (contact us with the enquiry submission form). We will check it over, assign a unique reference number and return a confirmation to you for approval.
4. Return this form back to us indicating it's OK for manufacture to proceed (or advise any further changes needed). Once we have your approval, we will make the product with your design on the front panel. All you pay is the standard price, there's no extra cost for the custom front panel, and delivery is normally within 5 days of approval (for small quantities).

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