Operator terminals for OEE and machine utilization system installed on eight packaging lines at major pharmaceuticals company.
Modified ELX232 keypad terminals fitted to Automatic Guided Vehicles.
ELX485IO keypads + WMX wall-mount housings in the automotive industry. This project needed over 90 keypads to monitor machine activity and provide operator communications. Each keypad has an RFID reader for log-on.
A network of ELX485 panel-mounted keypad terminals, supplied by Axis Controls, download and upload DNC machine program files to automatic machine tools.
ELX485IO keypad terminals in weatherproof housings providing access and gate control at a petrochemical distribution terminal. Using a sealed barcode swipe reader for ID, the keypad network links to the main system controlling vehicle movement and loading operations.
ELX232 with custom application controlling a gsm modem for alarm condition monitoring of an unmanned compressor installlation.